About Us

Yılsan Yatırım Holding was founded in Ankara to manufacture agricultural equipment in 1955 before it switched to the rolling market in 60s.


Operating in the rolling market since 1980, Yılsan started to manufacture various flat iron & steel articles for the industry.


Marking a consistent growth both in the domestic and international market by the end of 90s, Yılsan was awarded the international tender put out by the privatization authority of Romania, becoming one of the key shareholders of Azomures SA, a major fertilizer manufacturer of Europe listed in the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Following this procurement, the company further acquired Chimpex SA, a port operator in Romania’s city of Constanta. In 2012, the company sold out its facilities in Romania.


Focusing on renewable energy and real estate markets in Turkey, Yılsan develops and invests in the renewable energy market, especially in hydroelectric, wind, solar (PV and CSP) and geothermal projects.


Besides the renewable energy market, the Group is further investing in real estate, and building and developing a housing portfolio.

Operational Power Plants